Stay Focused on Your Business. We’ll Protect it.


About CyberSec


We exist to provide cyber peace of mind. We are specialists in cyber security and managing all aspects relating to cyber - network, hardware, software, website and more. We help you manage risk so that you can focus on what matters most - your business. 

What would it cost your business if you couldn’t operate for a day? We understand the importance of operational continuity. 

We’ll help you stay protected.

What would it cost you to lose your reputation? We understand the importance of customer trust.

We'll help you shield your reputation.

Do your staff know how to identify and prevent cyber risks? We understand the importance of educating staff.

We’ll help you strengthen your front line of defence.


What We Do



We provide a comprehensive report on all aspects of your current cyber situation. We’ll provide a detailed action plan for threat resolution, vulnerability management, ongoing threat identification and comprehensive cyber security protection for your business.


Prevention is the best protection. We work with businesses to educate staff on safe practices and how to protect themselves and your organisation from cyber attack. We provide jargon-free training workshops, at your office or ours. Your staff are often the first target - we’ll help you strengthen your front line of defence. 


Have peace of mind with a detailed monitoring system that alerts you of new risks and threats immediately, with expert remediation advice. This includes monthly consulting with our cyber security specialists to discuss your security posture and action plan.


We help organisations of different sizes to mitigate cybersecurity risks in a timely and effective manner. Our portfolio of consulting services includes:

  • Attack & Penetration Testing - Incident Response

  • Malware Analysis

  • Reverse Engineering

  • and more...