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Relying on technology alone to protect your business is probably the biggest error companies make when devising a cyber security plan. While important, technological solutions—antivirus software, daily data backups, small business firewall, encryption methods, strong passwords, and web browser protocols—are only important bricks in the wall of cyber defense and can even give a false sense of safety.

Start here with the CyberSec Vulnerability Assessment. This complimentary service is your first step to an understanding of your risk exposure on your web facing attack surface.

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About Cybersec

To cybercriminals, your data and information is a valuable commodity—and protecting it vigilantly must be a priority of any business.

CyberSec exists to help New Zealand businesses lower their risk and exposure to cyber attacks through industry leading technology and expertise.

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, we are ready to hear from you and support you to a secure and confident cyber profile.

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