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We exist to provide cyber peace of mind. We are specialists in cyber security and managing all aspects relating to cyber - network, hardware, software, website and more. We help you manage risk so that you can focus on what matters most - your business. 

What would it cost your business if you couldn’t operate for a day? We understand the importance of operational continuity. 

We’ll help you stay protected.

What would it cost you to lose your reputation? We understand the importance of customer trust.

We'll help you shield your reputation.

Do your staff know how to identify and prevent cyber risks? We understand the importance of educating staff.

We’ll help you strengthen your front line of defence.


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About Cybersec

To cybercriminals, your data and information is a valuable commodity—and protecting it vigilantly must be a priority of any business.

CyberSec exists to help New Zealand businesses lower their risk and exposure to cyber attacks through industry leading technology and expertise.

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, we are ready to hear from you and support you to a secure and confident cyber profile.

Member of netsafe

Member of netsafe

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